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Aloe Vera, synonymous with health

Many people look to Aloe vera for a way to remedy their health problems since the properties that this ancient plant contains are multiple. Aloe Vera ensures the regeneration of skin cells and internal tissues; the purification of the organism; the elimination of fungi and viruses; the protection of the immune system and anti-inflammation thanks to its vitamins A, group B, C, mucilage, minerals, oils and amino acids. However, for Aloe vera to have curative health effects, it requires that there be at least 10% plant in the product. In even, that percentage in Ibizaloe it seems scarce to us.

Organic and healthy aloe vera

Our Aloe vera products for health are 100% ecological and organic thanks to the plantations that we have in Ibiza. The products of Ibizaloe They follow a cold production process that allows maintaining all the properties that aloe has as its base. Without parabens, peg and not tested on animals, our Aloe vera gels and juices are pure and natural products.

El Aloe vera gel with hot-cold effect favors local microcirculation reducing pain caused by overexertion or blow. This aloe vera gel product helps reduce muscle inflammation caused by an injury by massaging the area to be treated. It is specially designed for athletes or people with problems related to strains and sprains. In turn, this aloe vera gel relieves the pain caused by osteoarthritis.

While the aloe vera gel with cold effect guarantees blood circulation and soothes tired legs. This type of aloe vera gel for the skin also helps prevent vascular disorders.

El aloe vera juice It is one of the star products that provides great health benefits. On the one hand, aloe juice is used as a supplement in diets to lose weight since it causes a satiating sensation and helps to eliminate toxins and residues thanks to its cleansing function. The ideal is to take between 50 and 100 milliliters of Aloe vera a day. In turn, aloe juice helps combat the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, strengthening the immune system of patients with this disease.

How to take care of our health with Aloe Vera

We find ourselves submerged in full routine. November, an uninteresting month in which the days are longer, but shorter in terms of sunlight. Winter is just around the corner and the cold begins to penetrate us inside, and the only thing we want is not to arrive sick at the weekend. Today we help you learn more about aloe vera and health.

Because it is true that this time of year is the most prone to, at least, catching a cold. If we add to this that these dark days usually produce that little "winter depression" that invades us every year, in the end our health may be involved.

But, do not panic, because as you already know the "miraculous" power of Aloe vera It does not only lie in the care of our skin, but it also protects us inside.

Because of this, be prepared. We recommend that you make room in the medicine drawer for the Aloe Vera Cold / Heat Gels.

The cold makes us more lazy and we always reduce the time of exercise. This and, sitting or standing for many hours causes tiredness and fatigue in the legs.

For this we recommend the Aloe Vera Cold Gel to promote blood circulation with a calming effect.

If it is a specific area, use the Aloe Vera Cold / Heat, as it focuses on local microcirculation.

Thanks to the active principles of the amino acids present in Aloe Vera, it facilitates the exchange of oxygen and carbon monoxide, also helping to decongestion in common colds or flu.

For these cases we recommend the Juice of Aloe vera, organically grown.

Aloe vera and health

Obtained directly from the interior of the leaves of Aloe Vera leaves, its purity makes it essential for the active help of our body in moments of weakness.

Not only will it make us feel better but also in cases of ulcers stomach or heartburn excessive, it also improves gastro-intestinal function, thus facilitating digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory properties of the Aloe Vera Game are also favorable for cases of arthritis, osteoarthritis or rheumatism.

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