Why Ibizaloe?

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We have our own ecological plantations en Ibiza, registered in the register of the Consell Balear de la Producció Agrària Ecològica (CBPAE) with number IB-1299. Complying with the European regulations on Organic Production as stable Regulation (EC) 1235/2008, Regulation 889/2008 and Regulation 834/2007.

We have more than 20.000 Aloe Vera plants, aromatic plants, olive trees, orange trees, lemon trees, almond trees ... We invite you to get to know us and we will teach you how to cut the leaf, you can try our products for free, you can even visit a Exclusive museum dedicated to the Uses and History of Aloe Vera.

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The success of the high quality of our products is the way we process them. Call cold process, once we cut the leaf of the Aloe Vera plant, we extract the gel from the inside of the leaf and process it cold, it is a much more expensive process, so it is not widely used, but in this way we make sure that it is maintain all the properties of Aloe Vera in the final product. WE DO NOT HEAT Aloe Vera and we DO NOT use ALOE VERA POWDER. The clearest example is when we boil water in our homes, we kill everything that may exist, the same happens with Aloe if you heat it, you kill all properties.

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Our products are certificates by ECOCERT COSMOS ORGANIC, it is the maximum certification in terms of quality and transparency of products ecological, so we are very proud to be able to offer it to you.

The products Ibizaloe combine high quality 100% organic ingredients that provide optimal results for the skin. We really are ecological and this is certified by the most important certifiers, our products DO NOT contain Silicones, DO NOT contain Chemicals, DO NOT contain ParabensThey are NOT tested on animals, they DO NOT contain any ingredient that is harmful to your skin.

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One of the secrets of our production process is the cutting of the blade, we divide it into 3 parts: the cortex (outer green part), the alloin (yellow liquid between the cortex and the gel) and the gel (inside of the sheet).

The most common manufacturing process is to process the entire sheet. On Ibizaloe We realized that this production process was a complete mistake, and we decided to do it as indicated by the Ibiza tradition: once the leaf was cut at the right time, the cortex (the green part) must be removed, like peeling an orange, Once removed, the gel should be introduced into the water to remove aloinThis part is very important since aloin can cause skin irritations, once it has been passed through water, you can start working with the raw material. An important point is that at no time do we heat the gel Aloe Vera, so that all the properties of this wonderful plant are maintained.

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We have Laboratory y Plantations, so we are present throughout the production process. In this way we can guarantee a exceptional quality of our products and el best price, since we do not have third party subcontractors.

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We like to be clear with what we do and with our clients, that is why we act with total transparency. We explain and disclose our production process and make all our ingredients known. We pass audits every year to certify our production processes and offer the highest quality.

Ibizaloe presents itself as a brand that has a total commitment to the quality of its products in each step of its production.

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Our products are specially made for sensitive and intolerant skin, atopic or easily irritable skin. We do not use chemicals, silicones or ingredients that can harm sensitive skin.

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Being on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean we highly value resources, the main one is water. So from the beginning we decided to irrigate all our crops with well water and not with sewage water, we have two wells on our farm that are more than 500 years old. We use a submersible water pump to be able to transport it to the surface, the electricity comes from the installed solar panels. We are a self-sufficient farm and we are proud of it.

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The Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller is a plant with an ancestral tradition on the island of Ibiza, there is no house in which there is not an Aloe Vera plant, they call it "all cure". The main reason that this plant is so popular in Ibiza and so valued in the world, is due to three factors, the land that is on the island of Ibiza, clayey and with many minerals, along with Water with lots of nutrients and climate that exists, hot in summer and moderate with small rains in winter. Together these 3 factors, land, water and climate, make a perfect place to grow this plant. Thus obtaining one of the best Aloe Vera in the world, compared to others it has some indices of aloverosa 1250mg / l, the average being 500mg / l.

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At the end of everything Ibizaloe It is not only a business, it is a way of life and we put the same energy and enthusiasm in everything we do. Since Ibizaloe We seek the highest quality in products, in the same way that we desire customer satisfaction.

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